Summer watering

Watering during the dry spells is always a problem. Do you, don't you, how much, how often?

Some info that might help ...

-Water before plants wilt, keeps condition of plants better.

-Mature plants only water if very necessary, roots should be low enough to get water or search out by going lower.

-Shallow rooted plant, eg. Annuals, some herbaceous, fruit and veg etc. will need help during dry spells. Use water retention methods - good organic soil, bark or a mulch on top, gravel or stones, this will stop the sun drawing the water up and out.

- New plants deep water twice a week if no rain. Allow soil to go dry but not to allow plants to wilt. This will encourage roots to seek out water. Deep watering means not a little sprinkle on top...the roots will come to the surface. Use plenty of water so it seeps down and the roots will stay low down. Better to do it properly twice a week than little each day.

Another tip is to plant so the sun can not hit the soil, fill those borders up with shrubs, herbaceous and even the odd small leaf tree to give dapple shade helps too.

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