Time in the garden

With the situation at the moment some of us have a bit more time to give our gardens some special attention. Here are some suggestions what you can do in you at this time of year. Posts will be put up with ideas and tips a few times a week.

LAWN - give it a good scarify- which means rake over... pulling all the dead grass out to let the new come through. Tease it out then get the mower to go over and pick it up. Good for the compost heap. If you have some feed then now is the time to apply it, though water it in if no rain is forecast. If you want to reseed then do that but don’t put the feed on, do that later on in the year or do an autumn feed. Rejuvenatin your lawn is done over a season, it takes time.

Edge the lawn using a half moon spade or a flat spade, this really makes a difference to the overall look of the garden.

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