grass?...What grass?

This year what with the drought, has caused havoc to our lawns. Grass is an amazing plant though, it can go dormant (stops growing) during dry spells but as soon as he rain comes it start up again.The problem with that is that you might have patches where the grass hasn't grown back, or deep rooted weeds have taken over. Unfortunately while the grass is dormant, little soil pests such as chafer bugs and leather jackets will still be munching the grass roots. Normally grass will grow through this or if you have poor soil you tend to get patches anyhow...but its been made worse this year!

What to do?

- rake out old grass (scarify...use machinary for large areas)

- spread a thin layer of topsoil over areas....sieve soil if from garden to remove chunky bits.

- lightly rake grass seed into areas and water in.

-Grass seed can take 5 to 30 days to germinate, depending on the ground temperatures....average 7 to 14 days. Preferably above 6c ground temp.

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